Saturday, August 21, 2010

FREE MP3 AUDIO DOWNLOADS of the 15 Peace Messages, (& Concise Introduction)

Dear Reader,
The content is priceless, of the following MP3 audio-downloads offered here for FREE. This content is that valuable because it is a summary/digest of over seven decades of sweat, tears, and blood, given to supply humankind with the only non-stopgap hope for a future of peace and God-centered love. The Most Reverend Sun Myung Moon founded the Unification Church, (UC), and many other organizations, referred to generally as the Unification Movement, (UM). These "15 Peace Messages" delineate the culminating paragon of salvation needed by all humankind. As such, listening to this "15-Peace-Messages" content will make incalculable blessings available to you that you cannot receive in any other way. AND PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CONTENT BENEFITS NON-MEMBERS OF THE UC/UM, AS WELL AS UC/UM MEMBERS.
For an extensive, crucial critique on the shortcomings and pitfalls of the Unification Movement, as well as on its momentous importance as the only non-stopgap paragon of peace, worldwide, see the accurate analysis at:

These 16 MP3-audio-files of the "15 Peace Messages, (with Concise Introduction)" have been uploaded to a commercial company, (, that makes FREE downloads available. We apologize for whatever advertisements you may find there, when you get your FREE downloads. We are benefiting in NO WAY, financially or otherwise, in trying to make these FREE MP3-audio downloads available to all humankind.

PLEASE NOTE, that in His May 16, 2007 speech, REV. MOON PLEADED FOR EVERYONE, WORLDWIDE, TO PLEASE CONSIDER MEMORIZING THE "15 PEACE MESSAGES" BY REPEATEDLY LISTENING TO THE AUDIO RECORDINGS, ESPECIALLY WHILE JOGGING OR EXERCISING, EVERY DAY. He also said, “If you can perfect the contents of even one of the messages, you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven”; and this applies to non-members of the UC/UM, as well as to UC/UM members. Sometimes, I even keep these Peace Messages playing all day long at home, in the background, even while I'm watching TV or doing some work, and I've found it to be surprisingly beneficial.
PMs 1 thru 13 here were supplied as free downloads on the Internet. The "Concise Introduction", and PMs 14 and 15 here were created to elucidate and complete these "15 Peace Messages".
The total listening-time is about 8 hours. Since a CD holds 12 hours of MP3 content, this 8-hours can easily be burned onto CDs, which can be given as gifts to be played in cars or home CD-players, etc.
Love To All, ITN & IDFN,
Dave Fleming

These 16 MP3-downloads take about 4 hours, at a speed of ~30 kB/second.


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